Thursday, August 26, 2021

CAP Zoo Photo Challenge

 With our CAP trip to Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon, MA on October 2nd, we thought it would be fitting to have our photo challenge of a few things at the zoo. For those that couldn’t make the trip, we will also allow photos taken at Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport.   

The photos should have been taken between September 15 and October 31. The deadline for submitting photos is October 31. 

The photos should be sized 1400 max pixels horizontal and 1050 pixels vertical. They should be named as follows: Fname Lname-xx, Example: Jim Dionne-01. You may submit up to 4 photos to me at as an attachment.

I will put them in a show and upload them to YouTube. 

Thanks, Jim Dionne

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

CAP Field Trip to Southwick Zoo

Woo Hoo! CAP field trips are back!

PLACE: Southwick Zoo, 2 Southwick Street, Mendon MA

DATE: Saturday, October 2, 2021

TIME: 9:45 AM (opens @ 10:00); central parking lot, but no formal meet-up

GETTING THERE: Carpooling is on your own; if comfy with person (s) going. 


Lots to see & do at this zoo! Here’s some highlights:

  • 200-acre home to 850 animals in “naturalistic habitats”
  • Lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys, white rhino, exotic birds, plain ole’ regular birds, and more
  • 35-acres are devoted to deer. Get up and personal with Bambi! Feed him/her/them by hand
  • Gifts shops
  • Other attractions include:  Skyfari Sky Ride; Woodland Express Train; Ziplining (if you’re  into that sort of thing). (Fees for these are separate.)

Now, let’s talk about the all-important FOOD! 

There’s a restaurant and a deli sandwich takeout. Outdoor tables are available. You are allowed to bring only “light snacks!”

PLEASE check the blog for any change in plans such as a weather-related cancellation.



Friday, May 07, 2021

Tops in Connecticut 2021 Show Available

TOPS in Connecticut is the premier venue for Connecticut photographers to share, exhibit and boast of their excellent work.  The TOPS competition, sponsored by the Connecticut Association of Photographers (CAP), is presented every two years.  For the 2020 event, 84 Connecticut photographers entered the competition, competing submitting 392 images!  For this show we present the top 120 images selected by our judges across nine different categories, each accompanied by narrated commentaries written by CAP board members. Due to Covid-19 this year's competition was judged virtually rather than in person as in the past. The show is being presented online rather than at an awards banquet for the same reason.

The judges for the exhibition were:

  • Darrell Gulin, Canon Explorer of Light
  • Lisa Langell, Tamron Ambassador the FotoPro Ambasdador
  • Peter Baumgarten, Olympus Visionary
Congratulations to all the medal winners and and to all the images selected for this prestigious merit. We hope that you enjoy the presentation and look forward to 2022.

Click on this sentence to view the show. Start thinking about the wonderful images you want to enter when Tops in Connecticut is again held in the Fall of 2022.

Saturday, May 01, 2021

Virtual Field Trip-Bridges

The CAP trips committee came up with a wonderful way for us all to get out and photograph during our Covid Pandemic. All normal field trips had been suspended to keep everyone safe. As an alternative and safe way to photograph the same subject type was substituted. Each member could go our on his or her own at a day and time convenient. The subject was “Bridges of Connecticut”, covered or otherwise.

Between March 25th and April 25th twenty two of our CAP members went out and photographed some of the many bridges Connecticut has to offer. There were footbridges, railroad bridges, highway bridges and bridges over water. Sixty images were submitted to Jim Dionne who put them into a show with music. The show was uploaded to YouTube. Here is the link for your viewing pleasure:

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

CAP 2021 Annual Meeting

This announcement serves as CAP’s 2021 Annual meeting.  

Executive Committee Report:

The Annual Meeting serves to elect CAP’s executive committee of officers and directors.  The elected slate of officers are:

President:                                 Colleen Reilly
Vice President:                          Joseph Whitmore
Past President:                          Dave Meredith 
Treasurer:                                 Loretta Paul-Goldin
Secretary:                                 Antoinette Gombeda
Directors (through April 2023):  Matt Collen, one position TBD
Directors (through April 2022):  Bob Fedder, Scott Hudkins, one position TBD

Welcome to Colleen Reilly and Joe Whitmore.  Both Colleen and Joe have many great ideas for the upcoming CAP calendar. 

Note that there are two Directors positions to be filled: with terms ending in either April of 2022 or April of 2023. If anyone has interest in these positions, please reach out to the CAP Board at  

The Executive Board is committed to offer Connecticut photographers events and/or field trips that “strive to generate a love for photography, enthusiasm, and camaraderie amongst our membership.”  

Field Trip Report

CAP’s “Bridges of Connecticut” virtual photo trip is currently underway.  The deadline for submission of entries is April 25, 2021. Submitted images will be compiled into a show for all to view.  This event is not a competition, but a fun CAP event to get all of us together.  Details for this virtual photo trip can be found at  Images will need to be submitted to by the April 25 deadline. 

Membership Report 

There are currently 192 individual members of CAP along with 26 member clubs.  Membership dues for CAP, for both new and renewing members, were waived through August of 2021.  

TOPS in CT 2020

A very successful TOPS in CT (2020) was conducted in November of 2020.  The top scoring images are being compiled, with commentaries, and will be presented in a virtual format.  Stay tuned for the date of that event and further details.  

Cindy Gosselin
Dave Meredith
(CAP Co-Presidents)  

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Don't Forget “BRIDGES OF CONNECTICUT” – A Virtual Field Trip!

This is a reminder that we are in the time-frame to take pictures of all types of bridges (covered or otherwise) for the CAP virtual photo trip!   The images must be captured between 3/25/21 through 4/25/21.  This is a way for us to get outside and shoot bridges anywhere in Connecticut as we move into the spring season.  Below are the guidelines for submission of images:

·      Size the photos to 1400 x 1050

·      Submit up to 3 photos (guaranteed that at least 2 will be included in the show)

·      Name the pictures following this format: ajones_01, ajones_02, ajones_03

·      Send the images to Jim Dionne at   Put CAP IMAGES in the subject line when emailing them to Jim.  

·      DEADLINE:  April 25, 2021


So – get out and have fun and take creative and fun pictures.  Remember this is not a competition.  It’s just an opportunity to share our work and get out of the house!

Your Trips Committee   (Linda, Art and Ann)

Friday, March 19, 2021


Please send up to three images to  between 3-25 and 4-25) with the following naming convention:

First initial, last name all lower case, underscore, 01, 02, 03.


Put CAP IMAGES in the subject line when emailing them to Jim. 

Remember all images must have been taken between 3-25-21 and 4-25-21.

Get out and have fun!

The Trips Committee
Art, Ann, and Linda

Thursday, March 18, 2021

CAP 2021 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of Connecticut Association of Photographers (CAP), Inc. will be held on April 14, 2021, via an email announcement.

The Annual Meeting serves to elect CAPs executive committee of officers and directors.  The current CAP Executive committee proposes the following slate of Officers and Directors for the terms of April 2021 – April 2022.  


President                       Colleen Reilly
Vice President               Joseph Whitmore
Past President               David Meredith
Treasurer                       Loretta Paul-Goldin
Secretary                       Antoinette Gombeda 


Matthew Collen
Robert Fedder
Scott Hudkins


Twenty (20) days advanced notice of the Annual Meeting is given so that the membership may submit nominations from the “floor.”  Proposed nominations should be sent to both David Meredith ( and Cynthia Gosselin ( ) respectively.  The due date for nominations is March 27, 2021.  Nominations must also be accompanied by a written statement of consent of such nominee, signifying acceptance of the office if elected. 

In the absence of nominations from the floor, the secretary will cast one vote for the proposed slate and the announcement of the election will be sent out on April 14, 2021.    

Thank you,

David Meredith
Cynthia Gosselin
Co-Presidents, CAP 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

CAP Virtual Photo Trip

The CAP trips committee has come up with a wonderful way for us all to get out and photograph during our Covid Pandemic. We had suspended all planned trips to keep everyone safe. We now have a safe way to photograph the same subject type on your own at a day and time convenient to you. The subject is “Bridges of Connecticut”, covered or otherwise.

Images must be captured between  3-25-21 Through 4-25-21

We will be compiling these images into a show for all to see. You may enter three images by sending them to Jim Dionne at between 3-25-21 and 4-25-21. Images must have been taken during that time frame and sized to 1400x1050 pixels. We guarantee that at least two will be in the show, and possibly all three depending on the number of entries. This is NOT a competition, but just a fun CAP event to get us all together doing the same thing. 

If all goes well, there will be a second virtual trip coming up in May. The subject will be “Spring Flowers”. Check the blog for details closer to the time.

Looking forward to seeing your images in the show  !
If you have any questions please contact:

Art Yost       
Ann Yost      
Linda Thomas

Bridge Photo by Linda Thomas

Sunday, November 15, 2020


The Connecticut Association of Photographers is a member of the New England Camera Club Council. They recently informed us of two items that that are of interest to CAP members.

The Fall 2020 issue of the NECCC Bulletin has just been posted. Click on this sentence to download your copy. This issue contains a lot of information on New England photographers (including some CAP members) and their accomplishments.

Every year NECCC enters the Council Challenge sponsored by the Photographic Society of America. This year NECCC took first place. A video showing all the images entered can be found here. It is a chance to view outstanding images from NECCC and other councils that entered.