Monday, May 29, 2017

CAP Waterfalls Field Trip

Day Trip Saturday June 10th. to Kent Falls State Park and Bash Bish Falls on NY State and Massachusetts line.

Approximate time 10:00 arrival at Kent Falls followed by a BYO picnic lunch at the park. Parking Fee $9.00. If someone in your car has Charter Oak Senior Pass there is no fee. Out of State License Plates will be charged $15 parking unless someone has a senior pass. 

Kent Falls is one of the best known and favorite falls in Connecticut. The walk to the top can be accomplished by steps with a climbing rail or a two mile path rated as an easy climb to the top of the falls. Approximate time to photograph falls and Scenery-about 2 hours followed by the picnic lunch. 

The second falls is approximately one hour drive to Bash Bish Falls with some nice scenery on the drive to the falls. The main parking lot in MA leads to a 1 mile walk (rated 4 out of 10 for difficulty. However it is rocky/hilly and might be difficult for anyone who is a senior/and or has health issues. There is a NY parking lot with a trail to the falls that is much easier but is a mile and a half round trip. 
Carpooling is recommended to cut costs. Starting location to meet and detailed information will be available to those who sign up for this trip.  Locations of meeting will somewhat be determined by those who are coming.  Please e mail Linda Thomas at or call her at 203-606-8327. Deadline for signing up will be Wednesday June 7th.