About Us

The Connecticut Association of Photographers (CAP) is a state-wide organization for amateur photographers. CAP typically holds two events* per year; ideally in the Spring and Fall. These events might include an organized photographic opportunity, a dinner program, an in-person or virtual webinar/seminar, competitions, etc.  


CAP members are also invited to join our membership only Facebook Group.  


Additionally, CAP sponsors various field trips for our members.  These might consist of a local daytrip or, at times, a formal 2-4 day getaway to locations outside of CT.  


Our CAP events, Facebook presence, and field trips all strive to generate a love for photography, enthusiasm, and camaraderie amongst our membership.  


CAP also sponsors its premiere venue, our TOPS competition.  TOPS is held every two years, and is open to all CT photographers.  Submitted images are juried by three out-of-state judges and the “best of the best” images are presented awards.  A program of winning images, including commentary on each award winner, is a highlight of the TOPS competition.  


CAP posts information on its website and Facebook sites and sends out emails as needed to inform the membership of upcoming events.

CAP is a member of the 
New England Camera Club Council.

CAP membership dues are $8.00 per year and include e-mail notifications and any event mailings that may be needed. To join CAP, 
click to download a membership application, fill it out, and send it with your check for $8.00 to Jim Dionne, our membership chairman.

We invite each photography club in Connecticut to appoint one person to receive CAP information that he/she will share with its members. 
Click to download a form that you can fill out and send to our membership chairman. There is no cost to your club for this service.

CAP is operated by an Executive Committee consisting of about 14 members who plan the various organization events. 
Click for a list of the current Executive Committee members.

You can contact the web master at:  CAPinCT.Photo {at} gmail {dot} com.


* As of this writing (2020), any CAP event will employ practices (i.e. social distancing) that are necessary for compliance to Covid 19 protocols.